Amazon Fire StickThe data monitoring tool provides detailed information about your Fire TV’s Internet usage, so you can keep track of your data consumption and most active apps.

Important: The data monitoring tool is designed to give information about data usage—it cannot restrict or control the amount of data your device uses. For more information about managing your Fire TV’s data consumption, see the “Data Usage Tips” section below.

Turn On Data Monitoring

To turn on data monitoring for your Fire TV:

  1. Select Settings from the Fire TV menu.
  2. Open Preferences and select Data Monitoring.
  3. Press the Select button on your Fire TV remote to turn Data Monitoring ON or OFF.


Data Monitoring Preferences

With Data Monitoring set to ON, you can manage the following options:

  • Set Video Quality – Choose a preferred video quality (Good, Better, Best) for Amazon Video streaming. The “Best” and “Better” settings generally provide better picture quality and use more data.
  • Set Data Alert – Monitor the amount of data your device uses each month. You can specify a set data limit (in gigabytes/GB) and the monthly period to monitor (e.g. 8GB, from the 5th day of each month). On-screen notifications automatically display once your Fire TV has used the amount of data you specified—you’ll get an alert when your device has used 90% of your limit, and another when it’s used 100%.
  • Monthly Top Data Usage – View data usage for Fire TV apps. This list automatically updates to reflect current data usage for each app on your device, and you can also see details about usage for the previous month.

Data Usage Tips

The Data Monitoring tool is designed to provide information and help you keep track of data consumption, so you can make changes to how you’re using your Fire TV if needed.

Here are some tips for using the tool:

  • Set Data Alerts – Check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for guidance about how much data is available to use with your service plan each month as a first step. Don’t specify the maximum amount of data allowed with your plan as your data limit. Try setting your limit to 50-75% of your available bandwidth, so you have room to make adjustments to your data or device usage.
  • Set Video Quality – Change your preferred video quality for Amazon Video streaming to the “Good” or “Better” setting. The lower quality settings use less data.
  • Monthly Top Data Usage – This feature shows data usage for all of your apps, sorted by most active. If you’re close to your data limit, you may want to reduce your use of certain apps or temporarily stop using your Fire TV until the start of the next billing cycle for your Internet service plan.