Sjoberg’s Front Store

In 1946 when Dick Sjoberg’s mother and father returned from the war effort they started an appliance store selling radios, TVs, vacuums, kitchen appliances, and laundry equipment.  In the early 1960’s color TVs became the new thing and Mr. Sjoberg  soon realized that in order to sell color TVs in the area he needed a stronger signal.  So in 1962, Bill Bresnan, later to become the owner of Bresnan Communications, helped the elder Sjobergs start up their own CATV company.



Interior of Sjoberg’s




In 1976 my brother and I took over the family business and for the next 22 years I’ve led a happy life filled with work and family and the cable tv business grew. But by the year 1998 it was clear to me that things were changing rapidly and we added high speed internet and digital data offerings for our customers.


Sjoberg’s Van with Employees