The Settings screen is the best way to customize your account and streaming experience. To get started, depending on your device, visit the Settings tab, or select the gear icon. If you’re on a mobile device or tablet, the Settings menu can be accessed by tapping the three horizontal lines in the corner of the app window.

To start, visit the Account screen. Here, you can review your subscription details, or sign out of your account.

Start Account



Parental Controls offers the ability to lock content based on rating. To learn how to set parental controls, click here.

Parental Control

Visit Connection to set your bandwidth usage. Quality of video may be impacted by your preset Mb/s selection.


If you’re using an XBOX One console, you can access this screen by selecting Settings then Bandwidth Limiting. 


Bandwidth Limiting



Support provides the URL to our Help Center, as well as the app version you are currently using.


Visit Device to check out which device is currently in use.


Closed Captions is beneficial to change the style, size or type of subtitles you would like to use while streaming. Click here for details on how to enable or disable closed captions.

Closed Caption

If you subscribe to Cloud DVR and are using a DVR-eligible device, you can use the DVR tab to manage your recordings.


Not all devices contain all the included settings, and the screens shown here may not appear the same as they do on your device.