Call ID Service (number only)
This service displays the number of the incoming caller on the subscriber’s telephone, if the subscriber’s phone has a caller ID display screen or caller ID display unit.

Call Waiting
This service notifies a subscriber that a second call is on the line and allows the subscriber to switch between the calls.  The called party is notified by a tone when the call is waiting.  The calling party receives an announcement telling them the system has alerted the called party.

  1. When you hear a Call Waiting tone during a call hit flash-hook to swap between the callers.  If you hang up while a call is still on hold, you will receive a ring-back reminding you to reconnect the call.
    NOTE: To disable Call waiting for the next call only, press *70 before the call.

Call Forwarding
This service forwards all of a subscriber’s incoming calls to an alternative number, without ringing the subscriber telephone first.

  1. To activate:
    A.         Dial *72
    B.         Wait for confirmation tone, then dial the number to forward to
    C.         Wait for the courtesy call to be answered
    D.         Hang up the telephone

NOTE: If the courtesy call is not answered, repeat A. and B. to manually activate without the courtesy call.

  1. To Deactivate:

A.         Dial *73
B.         Wait for confirmation tone
C.         Hang up the telephone

Setting up your mailbox

Access the voice messaging system:

  1. Dial your phone number, wait for your recorded message to begin playing, then press *.
  2. Enter your pass code after the prompt, then hit the # key.  (your default pass code is the last 4 digits of your phone number).
  3. (Please note you must change your pass code to something other than the last 4 digits of your phone number for security reasons.  If you do not, your voicemail could become unusable).

The following commands are available:

  1. Change Greeting
    1 – Use system greeting
    2 – Use personal greeting
    3 – Create personal greeting
  2. Record Name
    2 – Use recorded name
    3 – Create recorded name
  3. Change Pass code – follow the prompts
    * Exit

Check your messages via the telephone:

Access the voice messaging system:

  1. Dial your phone number, wait for your recorded message to begin playing, then press * and follow the prompts.
  2. To listen, delete and save messages press the following key:

1 – Replay current message

2 – Skip current message

4 – Skips back 5 seconds while playing a messages.

5 – Skips ahead 5 seconds while playing a message

7 –  Delete current message

* – Exit

Three Way Calling
This service allows a subscriber to call another party during an existing call and add this party to the call, creating a three-way conversation.

1.          To add a third party to an active call, press the flash-hook and then dial the third party’s number.  If the third party answers, hit the flash-hook again to add both of you to the original call, connecting all three parties.
2.         If the third party does not answer or their line is busy, hit the flash-hook twice to rejoin the original call.  If you hang up you will receive a ring back reminding you that original call is still on hold, and can rejoin the call by picking up the phone.  This service is known as the Three Way Calling Ring-back.

911 Emergency
Call 911 if you have an emergency.

Long Distance
Unlimited long distance (continental United States and Canada).  For international long distance rates, please contact Sjoberg’s Inc at 800-828-8808.

Caller ID Spoofing Customer Awareness Information:
Caller ID service allows you to see the number (and sometimes the name) of the incoming caller. It is possible for disreputable persons to falsify this information thus leading you to believe you are receiving a call from someone you are not. Please keep these points in mind when receiving a call:

  • Caller ID service is susceptible to fraud known as Caller ID “spoofing.”
  • Disreputable persons can deliberately falsify the Caller ID number to disguise the identity of the caller.
  • Congress is currently considering new laws that would make this practice a crime and permit law enforcement authorities to take action against spoofers.
  • More information is available at